DigiComfy is one of the best website development company in Ontario, Canada. We design all types of websites at a very affordable price and we always deliver more than promised. We develop websites that drive results and help you to get more customers and increase your revenue. We understand that time is very important and that’s why we value your time and we always try to deliver before promised time.

And in this time having a website helps your business to build an online presence among your customers and helps new people to find about your business.

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We provide all kind of digital services to help you grow your business digitally. Services that we provide are :

  • Website Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • SEO
  • Ecommerce Website
  • WordPress Services
  • Online Advertising
  • Lead Generation

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With the help of a website you can provide all information about your business and pricing on your website. So, if any customer looking for any information or want to book an appointment then they can directly get the information and can book appointment on your website even when you are not available to serve your customers. And with the help of a website you can automate your business completely.

As we have all seen in the pandemic most of the business get loss and some gets shutdown but some who had online presence have survived during the pandemic.

Technologies do we use for Website Development?

Page BuilderElementor
UI/UX DesignAdobeXD

Corporate Website Development Service In Ontario.

We provide website development service for enterprise and large business and we can also help you to establish online presence of your business which will help you to get more leads for your business. And we also provide digital marketing & SEO service to help you rank your website and get more impressions.

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School / College Website Development Service In Ontario.

We provide website development service for school and colleges and also for small coaching centers and with the help of website you can get more students and you can provide all details about your school / college on your website. So, if anyone have any query then they can get that information from the website.

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eCommerce Website Development Service In Ontario.

Are you planning to sell online ? Then you should have an ecommerce website where you can list all your products and customers can buy them online using online payment and you can also manage everything very easily from the website and with digital marketing you can get more sales.

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Website Maintenance Service In Mumbai.

We provide website maintenance service for all kinds of website and with our annual website maintenance package we provide multiple revisions. And also our annual maintenance charges are very affordable.

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Website Performance Optimization Service In Mumbai.

We provide website optimization service to help you to make your website fast and load fast. With our website optimization package we provide best optimization and after taking this service your website will become fast than before and also it will load fast than before.

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Website Development Company In Ontario

Web Development Process


First we will have discussion and understand your requirements and about your business. And we will gather as much information as we can about your business. What kind of design you like and if there’s any reference website you can tell us and we will study that website and with all the information that we have gathered will use that to design your wbsite.

Layout Design

At this stage we will design layout of your website and we will show different templates with different color and font option and after you choose one and then we will move to next step.


And after finalising the layout we will start working on it and build your website with the best technology and we will keep you updated at every step of development. So, in case you want to change anything will do that right away.


After development is done we will do testing of your website. So, we get sure that everything is working and ready for the users and if we find any problem on the website we will instantly fix the issue.


And after the testing phase we will launch the website and make it live for everyone. And at this stage we will handover access and files to you. And after that you have to make remaining payment. We will give your access to website but we will not give you full access. So, in case something wrong happens you will not be responsible for that.

And after making website live we will do SEO and marketing ( Only if you have opt for SEO package ) and will optimize website with all the keyword provided by you and will rank your website to help you get more customers.

Some websites that we have designed :

How long it takes to get website developed in Ontario ?

It’s depend on what kind of website you want. If it’s simple personal or blog website then it will be ready withing few days and if it’s business or ecommerce website then it can take up to one week. But whenever you take any service from us we tell you estimated time of delivery.

How much it costs to get website in Ontario ?

Again it depends on what kind of website you want, If it’s blog or simple blogging website then it can costs between $1k to $10k and if it’s business or eCommerce website then it will cost between $2k to $15k.

How much advance i have to pay to start the work ?

To start any work with us you have to pay 50% of the total amount in advance and after that we will start the work and once the work is done then you have to pay the remaining amount.